1. Introduction:

Welcome to Phuoc Thinh Uniform Website
Phuoc Thinh Uniform Company  is good reputation, we have 10 year experience. We are in top 5 uniform conpany in Ho Chi Minh City. Take a trust in us, you will completely satisfy with “quality, price, customer services, warranty”.
Our strong point is the competitive price and able to make many types of uniform, because we manufactured under a closed process, assure right quality with exactly the request of customer. Reminding good uniform with cheap price at Ho Chi Minh City, Phuoc Thinh Uniform is unforgotten. We supply all uniform to: Ho Chi Minh City, Bien Hoa City,  Dong Nai Province, Binh Duong Province, Long An Province, Da Nang City, Can Tho City and much more provinces in Vietnam.

Phuoc Thinh Uniform Factory

2. Our company specializes in manufacturing:

- Polo shirt, T-shirt, Sports shirt
- Shirts, technical workers' Uniform,  protective uniform
- Kitchen shirt, restaurant service
- Trousers, skirts, waistcoats, summer coat, winter coat.
- Blu shirt, doctor's shirt, nurse's shirt
- Hats, fabric hats, towels, aprons ...


3. Ordering process

Step 1:
- You want to order T-shirt, shirt uniform ... please come to these address :
Brand District 5: 165 Tran Hung Dao Street, Ward 10, District 5
Brand Binh Tan District: 41B Street Number 1A, An Lac A Ward, Binh Tan District
Brand Binh Thanh District: 2E Dinh Bo Linh District, Ward 15, Binh Thanh District
Or call: 0909.59.53.56 – Email: dongphucphuocthinh@gmail.com
Step 2:
- After receiving information, Phuoc Thinh will "consult + design sample + send quotation" to you.
- If you  agree to the preliminary price, approve the design, Phuoc Thinh will come to you to complete the remaining procedures such as:
  + Bring fabric samples to you  to choose colors, choose real fabrics ...
  + Bring the shirt size to  you to try and choose the appropriate size
  + Consulting, answering all your questions so that you can finally make the order with Phuoc Thinh Uniform.
Step 3:
- Proceed to signing the contract, you will deposit Phuoc Thinh in advance from 40% - 50% of the total value of the order (depending on each order, usually less orders will deposit more than large orders) .
- After receiving the deposit, if the quantity of the order is 100 pieces or more, Phuoc Thinh will produce samples for you to approve. If the quantity of the order is under 100 pieces, Phuoc Thinh will not be able to produce samples,  you can check printed or embroidered logos on fabric before producing all products  if you want.
Step 4:
- Delivery time is specified on the contract (usually small orders average 10-14 days, if you need it in 5-7 days Phuoc Thinh will charge an additional fee of 20% - 30%).
- Phuoc Thinh will delivery on time, the order will be delivered for free within the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City, the suburban districts will have a delivery fee, we will tell you before delivering.
- Remote provinces such as Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An, Phu Quoc, Can Tho, Ca Mau, Da Nang, Vinh, Hanoi and Lang Son .... We can send products by post offices and shipping companies to you  and you will pay the delivery cost.
Step 5:
- After receiving  the goods, you can check all the products, any mistakes we will fix it. 
 All products manufactured in Phuoc Thinh have warranty on printing, embroidery, needle lines, stitches, designs ... for customers to feel secure to use. The warranty period is 30 days.
- During the warranty period, if any problem, Phuoc Thinh committed to repair, replace or refund 100% for the customer if the error caused by Phuoc Thinh.
- Thoughtful after-sales is always the business motto of Phuoc Thinh.

4. 4 main things you should know when you order uniform:

4.1 Price:

T shirt price

Shirt price

4.2 Printing and Embroidering  Technique:
 Printing and embroidering are an important part of showing your company's logo on your shirt. In one shirt, there are 4 important printing or embroidery positions, namely: Left chest, back and 2 sleeves. Depending on the needs of each person, they choose the position to present the logo to the best
- Printing: there are 5 popular printing styles, such as: silk screen printing, 3D embossing, heat transfer printing, decal printing, digital printing. Depending on the nature of the fabric, the printing image that we will advise to print any type accordingly. Of course, 5 different types of prints, their prices are different.

tshirt printing

- Embroidering: all embroideries are embroidered with modern machines, embroidery has the advantage of high durability and luxury, but the disadvantage is that embroidery is just a simple image, not much complicated, and Embroidery size is not too big. Depending on the type of fabric, each type and we will give you good advises.  Embroidery prices are usually 20-30% higher than printed prices.


4.3 Size:

Contact us for more information
4.4 Fabric and color:

Crocodile Spandex

Crocodile Spandex


Kate USA

Kate USA

Kate Stripe USA

Kate Stripe USA

5. Our commitment:

- About fabric: Our fabric is of obvious origin, ensuring the right fabric for your choice. Depending on your needs, the shirt at the high-end, middle-class, low-end level,  we will choose the right fabric.
- About quality: We have 2 standards: Vietnamese standard and International standard.
- About delivery: For orders within Ho Chi Minh City, we all deliver goods free of charge, while far away or provinces or cities, we will pass the 3rd carrier for delivery to your place, especially customers in Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Long An Provinces. We will offer preferential prices on delivery and will deliver quickly within 24 hours.
- About warranty: We warrant all of products which made from Phuoc Thinh Uniform. The period  is 30 days. We warrant all of products about fabric, printing, embroidering, sew, form and style.

6. Contact us:

Phuoc Thinh Printing Garment Company Limited
Tax ID: 0310809023
Call: Mr. Phuong – 0902.882.335 (Chinese)  -- Mr. Nghia – 0909.59.53.56 (English)
Brand District 5: 165 Tran Hung Dao Street, Ward 10, District 5
Brand Binh Tan District: 41B Street Number 1A, An Lac A Ward, Binh Tan District
Brand Binh Thanh District: 2E Dinh Bo Linh District, Ward 15, Binh Thanh District
Email: dongphucphuocthinh@gmail.com
Website: https://dongphucphuocthinh.com

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CN Quận 5: 165 Trần Hưng Đạo B, Phường 10, Quận 5

Hotline: - 0909.59.53.56 | Zalo: 0909.59.53.56

Email: dongphucphuocthinh@gmail.com

CN Bình Tân: 41B Đường Số 1A, P. An Lạc A, Q. Bình Tân

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Email: dongphucphuocthinh@hotmail.com

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